Frequently Asked Questions

What are the policy terms going to look like?

1. Only fully vaccinated teens (both doses) will be allowed to participate on the CVK2022 trip.

2. PCR tests are required 72 hours before the flight.

3. Serological tests will be done once you arrive in Israel and will be mandatory.

4. Must enter a 24 hour quarantine or less until you receive results.

5. Masks and hand sanitizer gel will be supplied to participants and staff at all times.

6. CVK will follow Covid-19 Ministry of Health guidelines at all times.

7. High awareness and maintenance of the health of the participants of CVK will be a top priority.

How Do I Register?


Our registration system is online, convenient and user friendly. Just click on the “Register Now” link on the Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet webpage and proceed to register. You can create a user name and password, allowing you to work on your application and return to it at any time.

What Is Included In The Cost?

The cost of $5,000 includes a $500 registration fee, accommodations, transportation, meals, entrance fees and program fees. Optional roundtrip airfare between New York City and Israel can also be purchased with the Chetz V'Keshet program for an additional cost. Registration is flexible and totally RISK FREE - your deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE until February 28.  A fee for Covid PCR tests or other requirements that will be asked by the Israeli Health Administration will need to be added. 

Are There Scholarships Available?

The funding we give is purely case dependent and is reliant on your own financial situation and forms, including your W2s and 1040. The earlier you register, the better your chances are, as there is a limited pool of scholarship funding. In addition, if there are any extra details (many kids in college or private Jewish school, a divorce, major changes in the family, parent lost a job, etc.), attach a letter and let us know! The scholarship committee will be meeting every 4-5 weeks, and it is our goal to have decisions back to you in a timely matter. We also offer Scholarships via RootOne that are unrelated to your financial situation. 

Is There A Deadline For Registration?

The deadline is May 1st or when the program is fully booked. Register as soon as possible in order to secure a spot.

What is the Cancellation Policy?​

February 28th is the last day to cancel and receive a full refund for the trip. From March 1st – March 31st there will be a $500 cancellation fee. From April 1st until May 29th there will be a 50% refund. From May 30th – June 29th the trip will be non-refundable. Should CVK cancel the trip because of Covid-19 related reasons, a full refund will be given.

What kind of food do you serve the teens?
Our meals take a variety of forms and may include buffets and specially catered meals for those with allergies. We also offer a vegetarian option. All food in Israel is kosher. 

When are the flight dates? And are flights offered?
The flight dates will be announced soon. Yes, flights will be provided.

How are the weekends going to be like?
There are two open weekends where teens can visit their families in Israel. If you do not have family in Israel you can choose to go and experience a Shabbat with one of our Israeli Scout Teens from the group. Super fun! The other two weekends we stay together and do "Oneg Shabbat" and group fun with meaningful activities.

How is medical insurance handled?

Participants get Israeli Insurance for the entire time they are in Israel. If you would like to add a private insurance you may do so.

How can I communicate with my teen during the summer?

You can communicate with your teen via cell phone. There is the option to purchase an Israeli SIM card. Also, we have two people from our staff that will be in connection with the parents and will communicate with you directly. 

Do I have to have the COVID-19 Vaccination to go on CVK?

Ensure your teen is COVID-19 Vaccinated. Only participants who are fully vaccinated will be eligible to attend the CVK 2022 trip to Israel.