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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?

Registration is open to all Jewish teens entering the 10th-12th grade.
Applicants will be interviewed as a requirement for participation.

How Do I Register?

Register now at the top of our webpage with the Register button - or click here. 

If your child already participates in one of our programs, you should log in with the same password and username. New applicants should create a user and password, so you can work on your application, save it, and return to it anytime.

Please save your login and password.

What is the cost of the trip?  What is included?


The fee for the four weeks trip is **$5,600**. It includes accommodation, activities, transportation, and meals. 


A $500 deposit is required at registration and is fully refundable until January 28th.  

  •  A $200 early bird discount will be applied through February 28th.     

  • $100 sibling discount


*Rootone vouchers are available by eligibility.

**Fees do NOT include airfare

**Fees are in USD

Rootone vouchers and process. 

Rootone is offering a $3000 voucher for participants from Canada and US who have never used the voucher before and either attend public schools or non-orthodox Jewish schools.


Early program experience online of 18 points should be accomplished by May 5.


After registration with $500 to CVK, you will receive a link to apply to Rootone. You will receive a descriptive email with all explanations. 


  • VOUCHERS WILL BE REFUNDED ONLY AFTER TEENS COMPLETE Rootone early program experience. 

CVK Group Flight Details

CVK offers group flights with an additional fee on a first come basis since flights are limited. Participants can also purchase flights individually.

Flights dates and fees-

EL AL LY002 from JFK.

Leaves: June 28th at 5:30 PM- / Arrives in Tel Aviv: June 29th at 11:00 AM

Returns: July 24th at 1:00 AM ( the night between the 23rd and 24t /   Arrives at JFK: July 24th at 5:50 AM



Flights costs: $1,725, including taxes. 

Once you register for the flight, $700 will be charged to your credit card through our system.

A balance of $1,025 will be charged on March 1st,2023. 


Flight cancellation is available until February 26th. After that time, there will be no refunds for flight cancellations.

You must be registered for our program to book the CVK group flight. 


Important information: 

* Spots on the group flight are limited and depend on availability- first come first serve. If you are interested, please make sure to reserve a flight ASAP. 

*Any flight dates return changes will be directly through our travel agency only and might include an extra fee for airfare changes.

How to reserve a flight?




*  Please sign up to our system with your username and password(after registering for the program) and then go to the "Flight registration payment" tab to purchase your ticket. 

Participants are welcome to purchase flights individually and not via CVK. 

Are there scholarships available?

Our funding is case-dependent and relies on your financial situation and forms, including your most up-to-date W2s and 1040. 

The earlier you register, the better your chances are, as there is a limited pool of scholarship funding. In addition, if there are any extra details (a divorce, significant changes in the family, a parent losing a job, etc.), attach a letter and let us know! If you want to submit a request, please, email us at:, and we will send you the form you need.

The scholarship committee will meet every 4-5 weeks, and our goal is to have decisions back to you promptly. 

Is there a deadline for registration?
The deadline is April 25th, or when the program is booked. Register as soon as possible to secure a spot. We will sell out. 

Cancellation policy?

*100% refundable through 02/28/2022.

*$500 registration fee nonrefundable for cancellation between 03/01/2023-03/31/2023

*50% refundable between 4/1/2023-4/29/2023

*After May 1, there will be no refunds.

How are the weekends going to be like?
There are two open weekends where teens can visit their families in Israel. If you do not have family in Israel you can choose to go and experience a Shabbat with one of our Israeli Scout Teens from the group. Super fun! The other two weekends we stay together and do "Oneg Shabbat" and group fun with meaningful activities.

How is medical insurance handled?

Participants get Israeli Insurance for the entire time they are in Israel. If you would like to add a private insurance you may do so.

How can I communicate with my teen during the summer?

You can communicate with your teen via cell phone. There is the option to purchase an Israeli SIM card. Also, there will be chaperones from our US team that will accommodate the trip to Israel, and be in connection with the parents.

Do I have to have the COVID-19 Vaccination to go on CVK?

Our office will announce requirements in accordance with the CDC guidelines. 

What kind of food do you serve the teens? 

Our meals take a variety of forms and may include buffets and specially catered meals for those with allergies. We also offer a vegetarian option. All food in Israel is kosher. 

A Note About Gadna Army Training

The Gadna IDF week-long experience is a unique opportunity to experience Israeli army life. Please know that the accommodations are in tents, the food is basic and does not have options for food allergies or sensitivities. The environment is dusty with high temperatures and located in the south of Israel. The commanders require participants to be disciplined. If you are unsure whether this week is appropriate for your child, please reach out. No exceptions can be made once Gadna begins.

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